Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Latest developments

In my last blog post two weeks ago, I outlined my plan to raise funds for a trip to Tanzania this summer to teach children English with Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS). Ideally, I would have gone to my native homeland of Kenya but CCS does not have a program in that country, despite the fact that the founder Steve Rosenthal apparently had the idea to create CCS after he came from a trip to Kenya in 1995. Anyway, the other two options in Africa are Tanzania and South Africa and I chose  to go teach in Tanzania since it is closer to home for me, although I have not been "home" in a while. The plan for now is to start graduate school in the fall and so I have a few months to raise enough money to go on a volunteer trip and then go on said trip. At this point, at least I will have a solid base of volunteer experience on which to build further experience if or when I incur more debt from my graduate education. So this trip is really a life experiment to see if I fit the volunteer lifestyle and if I can do it long-term after next summer and after graduate school. I believe I can do as much good, if not more, as a volunteer in a needy area than in an American classroom or office where I would work just to make enough to last until the next paycheck. On that note, I have moved ahead in my job search with the aim of making enough to pay for myCCS program fees for this summer and I am happy to say I have made progress. Last week a received a call from I job I had applied to because they thought the background information in my resume matched their qualifications, and they called me in for an interview last Friday. There I met Christine and she interviewed me and said to come back this Friday for a whole work day to see how I fit into the job. And so I have nothing more to report for now except that I took the Jeopardy online test but do not think I did very well; I left a bunch of questions blank, and am really not holding my breath for a call to an audition. Meanwhile,  I have posted a YouTube video of what I want to do until I have another update:

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